Monday, May 20, 2013

did i mention?

 it's time for another random jumble of photos. for example, belated mother's day pictures.
 John made me my favorite breakfast: poached eggs on buttered toast sprinkled with sea salt. and orange juice, please don't forget that orange juice. or the cute flower. it was DELICIOUS
 this is photographic evidence of two things: 1. that fact that he likes to take off his zipper pajamas (on the right side of the picture) and 2. the fact that he is adorable
 i don't care if two is technically a toddler. he is still my baby
 Madsy went to a strawberry farm for her first official elementary school field trip. they got to pick their own strawberries and bring them home. they were amazing. wow, so good.
 i hate carpool, but I love seeing the happy face of my girl when I show up. also, really wish my van had a fancy "open itself" door like everyone else in the carpool line. instead I do it the old fashioned way where I run out and open it and load Maddy up and run back because the door is a little heavy for her to always be able to open. Even though I would like the easy van door, I like not having a car payment better than gadgets. :)
 John and I took a date a while ago. there are always long periods of time between our dates (because we are cheap/broke). but we wanted to see the tom cruise action movie. i'm such a boy, i love action movies.  and here is John in his happy place: aka him with a giant bucket of theater popcorn. us fisk kids were never allowed to get movie theater treats growing up (the few times we went) because it was so expensive. my mom made us sneak in fruit snacks ha! I remember how shocked i was when John bought a huge bucket of popcorn and a soda the first time I went on a movie date with him. now I make sure he does it every time because he never buys himself anything and that is his one splurge. it's endearing to me.
 this is also endearing to me.

poor guy, the things I make him do. when Maddy saw this picture on my phone she could not stop laughing.
 beans from kindergarten

 grant helped me smash the ritz cracker topping with his plastic hammer. it worked great and he was one happy camper let me tell you.
Some chalkboard art that Maddy made me
 Mr. G being cute
 sometimes I feel like baking. but I will tell you that I never feel like doing the dishes. funny thing that.
also, in case you were curious, I made pita bread (a first) and it turned out pretty good, but not so amazing that I wouldn't buy them in future.
 you may have heard we are under contract for a house. I thought about posting some images from the listing photos, but I read somewhere that images are searchable and people can find your address that way. so here I am being safe and giving you a drive by picture of the outside.
 notice the awesome walkway to the front door. raise your hand if you can picture little trick or treaters coming up and down that walkway (or more likely cutting across the grass). me! also, red front door. :) also, big trees. also, happy.
 we took the kids to a frozen yogurt place to get out of the house on the weekend (it's one of those that you can regulate how much goes in the cup and they weigh it). so we gave them a little bit of yogurt and then they load on their favorite toppings, which is really a kid's favorite part anyway, right? good, cheap fun. on a sidenote, whose eyes are bigger in this picture, Maddy's or the frogs?? ha I still get told all the time how pretty and big her eyes are.
 here is Grant, who sat on Dad's lap for approximately five seconds. and then got back down on the concrete floor pretending to be a puppy again. someday maybe I won't shudder to think of the grossness of him on all fours on a public floor. two year olds are complicated dirty little folks.
but did I mention cute? oh yes, the cutest.


  1. Great pictures! Cute kids! I'm excited for your house, I hope it all works out

  2. Love the house! It is so cute! I am often jealous of not Texas places when I see how cute all of the houses are with normal trees and green grass and siding. Then I remember that I love my city and the limestone and live oaks and weird grass.

    Kings is also completely disgusting. Half of the time I don't even bother washing him up. Today for dinner I washed his hands, but his face? Totally covered in slimed dirt. What made it slime? A combination of snot leakage and hose water. YUMMY!

    He went through a floor licking phase a couple of weeks ago. I am not gonna lie, made me gag. He licked Lily Bean the pug the other day too. She is pretty much the nastiest filth beast alive. It was hilarious to watch him gag on her fuzzy hair stuck to his tongue and mouth- except then I had to save him.

    Kings was taking off his jammies at night too- so I started putting him sleep sacks on backwards so the zipper is in back. He won't use regular blankets so he was freezing every single night, waking up because he was cold, and it was driving me MAD. So he lost zipper privileges. He loses a lot of privileges. Today he lost sippy cup privileges because he is filling up his mouth and then spitting it out all over the floor. He spit a whole mouthful onto my lap the other day while I was nursing Finn so I couldn't retaliate by killing him. He is sometimes lucky he is my kid instead of someone elses.

  3. I am IN LOVE with your future house!! Holy cow, I kid you not. What a lovely, lovely home. I can totally picture the trick or treaters and maybe even a prom date coming to the door? :)

  4. LOVE that house!! It has curb appeal! I can't wai to see the inside. Love the pic of John!